farmThe Farm

Nestled near the Southwest Mountains near Charlottesville, VA, Blue Dog Farm is an idyllic small place with a small custom-designed farmhouse. Keswick, VA is a land of rolling horse farms and vineyards. The spot is perfect for some type of small-farm operation… which Brian and Karie have yet to decide on. Gracie thinks it is a great spot to frolic, wallow, and poop.



BrianMeet Brian

Brian is now a gentleman farmer. Well, the gentleman part is kind sketchy…but then again so is the farmer part. He really is a City Boy but is off on a new adventure. He pretends the rows of corn are tenement housing.

The dude writes booksNot Bukowski is his second with mostly words.

He has appeared on stage both as a comic and as a microphone stand, all dependent if his jokeswere funny or not. (That one wasn’t. Mic stand!)

He also is an award-winning photographer person. He has had pictures in Smithsonian Magazine. And in the Post Office.

He won a bake sale once too. He’s a mediocre painter. And a web and design guy.

KarieMeet Karie

Karie has wanted to return home to Virginia since she left more than 30 years ago. Now she has. She also wanted to live on her own farm. Now she does.




GracieMeet Gracie… The Blue Dog

Gracie is a Romanian Root Hound. She actually came from Romania where she was owned by an eccentric old man named Dr. Acula.

Ok… that’s a lie. She is a mutt… but it’s so trendy to have some poofy made up breed like SharpaShitzu or Snickerdoodle… or ParisHilton… so we did it too.

She is NOT a rescue. We did not climb down an embankment and dive into a roaring river to save her from a washed-away log. We got her at The Used Dog Store… also know as a the Pound. She is a used dog. Someone didn’t want her.

We did.

Sometimes the sun hits her shiny black coat just right and she looks a bit blue.

Yeah, we know there is a famous Blue Dog from the world of art but go screw. This is OUR Blue Dog.