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"A blacksmith shop that has an international clientele, and a post office that closes for lunch; that’s about all there is to downtown Keswick, Va. If you blink, you might not even know that you just passed through a village.

"What won’t escape you, though, are the white farm fences that stretch for miles along Route 22/231, a section of road where the two routes converge that has often been cited as one of the most scenic in America. A two-lane country road, it’s framed by rolling green pastures of horse, cattle and sheep farms. It’s this image of upscale rural America that best defines Keswick and its surrounding communities."

~New York Times (2008)
After living in diverse cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Dublin, New York, and Tokyo, we settled on Keswick, Virginia due to its proximity to Charlottesville and it’s gorgeous countryside.

Upon receiving a gift of land, we set forth building our custom but small dream farmhouse. Then we added gardens and a menagerie of intriguing critters.

We use many of the items on our farm in creating our products and hope you can detect the simplicity and environmental goodness of them.

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