Big Beard or Little Beard, Have no Fear!

Earthy Orange Beard Balm from Blue DOg Farm

Blue Dog Farm is happy to officially introduce our first beard balm for sale. It’s called Earthy Orange and is a delightful mixture of orange oil and coriander! You can buy it here…now!

Beard balms are an essential tool for proper beard grooming, care, and maintenance.Men (and ladies, I guess) will love that Blue Dog Farm Earthy Orange Beard Balm contains beeswax for excellent hold, as well as shea butter to help keep moisture in.

Wear black shirts (ain’t you so angsty!)? Have no fear, our balm won’t give you beardruff…no looking like you just made-out with a powdered doughnut.

At just $3 (plus tax and shipping) this beard balm is a great gift too!