Days of Swine and Roses

A new pig at Blue Dog Farm.

Oh crap. We got a pig!


A pig… a tiny 3 week old Juliana Pig weighing in at about 2 pounds.

Except it smells like an old man…in a nursing home…who wets himself frequently.

This wetting of oneself is the very accurate part. She (not he nor old) loves to pee to and fro. Yes, we have to potty train a pig. The good news is she no longer pees on us. That is a heady steps in 5 days, my friends.

Now we need to work on her accuracy… and also having her stop pushing her liter pad/tray around the house. While adorable, this leads to a few  accidents…and she doesn’t have a driver’s license, let alone insurance.

The Blue Dog is not amused and tries to herd her into areas away from any of his toys and food.

Did I mention that the piggy is named “Trouble?”

More soon…



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