Dear Diary:

Along with my buddy of yore, eTodd, I used to own the domain No longer needed we let it expire.

Today I checked on it.

It showed scantily clad Japanese women rubbing their arms along with a massive amount of text in…naturally… Japanese.

I needed to know what was going on. I ran a Google translation of the page.

Here are some of the highlighted phrases that stood out to me:

“My milk milk is already an adult so I am calm, but I am very good at getting the yen to people.”

“I feel that the salon lunch time has become a practice as much as the whole body depilation that had been continuing since I was an elementary school student becomes the program end.”

“I already had a salon called a dog for a long time ago but it seems to have been premature for me, and in the latest statistics the cat seems to have surpassed the dog by the set breeding number.”

“There are a lot of small children at the monthly price, and when you are seriously ill, you may be murmuring the course and your inner mind, but if you see this while smiling with the effect smiling, you can not help thinking that there is no help at the salon is not it.”

“As I go to the uninhabited island, if I take only one, I think that it is necessary for reviews.”

Perhaps if we had legalized marijuana in all of the US, I could understand this but for now I think they could have summed it all up with a “!”



other interesting things: