Oh, sure there is shower beer…

Reason Beer's Perpetual Bloom IPA is now a soap from Blue Dog Farm.

Reason BeerExciting news, kids! Reason Beer in Charlottesville, VA has asked us to make soap for them. Not just for them but for you to buy…

So…announcing Perpetual Bloom Beer Soap!

You can only get it at their location but that is also a great excuse to sit and have a tasting or eight of their tremendous beers. Brewer Mark used to head up the operations at Maine Brewing but now he is creating his own truly tasty beers. The Inexorable series and the Dubbel are my favorites.

Karie used Simcoe Hops and Perpetual Bloom IPA to concoct an exclusive and surprisingly, refreshing soap (We do have a general IPA soap here on the site too.).

Go get some….do you really need a Reason?

Reason Beer
1180 Seminole Trail Suite 290
Charlottesville, VA 22901