Dear Diary,

In my neighborhood the kids of my age were all girls. I had a GI Joe but we played Barbies.

My GI Joe was Astronaut Joe. And he had a pull string that allowed him to say rockety, space things.

He go over to Barbie’s penthouse and they’d shower. And he’d say “We have lift off.”

Oh, he was polite. He’d countdown from 10 first.

Sometimes he would check in with “Mission Control” for status updates.

I also had a Big Jim camper except Jim wasn’t very big. He was an 8” action figure but Joe was 11”

He had to drive with his head out the windshield, slumped painfully over the steering wheel. It sucked for him because Barbie lived across the street and we had to cross the road.

It was tough for him to look both ways.

The kid who was always the hockey goalie for the older boys