That Blind Dog can sure play a mean Pinball.

Remmi the WOnder Dog at Virginia's Blue Dog Farm

Please note: This post is about our newest dog. That dog is blind. It can’t read this. There is info here that she shouldn’t hear. Please do not read aloud to the blind dog.

So the pet/critter additions just keep on coming. We now own a blind dog named Remmi…

Remmi the Wonder Dog is the full name…because Karie wouldn’t let me name her Bump N. Tothings. The Wonder part is because she always “wonders” where she is.(I’ll be here all week. Try the veal. Tip your waitstaff.)

Remmi came from Texas and has been blind from birth. She is 4 months old. I wonder what she sees when she dreams, having no experience in forming actual visual associations. Stevie Wonder must (oh wait…”wonder” again… I get it.) be a great person to ask about this. I will do it someday as we are running out of different animal types to adopt and soon we will adopt humans. I would like the adopt Stevie Wonder.

Remmi loves to run happily as a puppy out in our yard. I love to spill my wine when she runs into trees. The other day she just walked right off the deck like a millennial taking a selfie on a cliff.

So now we have a blind dog, a deaf dog, a one-eared cat, and a pig. The pig’s only handicap seems to be that it has gotten too big for the oven. Sigh.


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