Poop for Jesus

Divine Movements

We’re all chiseled from the divine mold, aren’t we? “Made in God’s image” as they are apt to say. (He’s pretty handsome, if I do say so myself!)

So, it’s not too far-fetched to think that even the Almighty might have accidentally shit in his celestial trousers.

It would make me feel much better knowing that we have that in common… and not just biblically. It might even make me a believer.

The other day, I was chilling in total darkness during a power outage when, out of nowhere – bam! The lights decided to come back on.

It surprised me so much that when I jumped up in joy, I ended up having an unexpected pants party all by myself. (Thankfully it wasn’t with others. I may need to rephrase that whole sentence. And “pants party?” Really? Who is writing this? Mitch McConnell?)

Well, at least with the lights back on, I could see where I was headed… or should I say flowing? Wiping in the dark is a whole other nightmare.


Is “Wiping in the Dark” a Springsteen album?

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