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The curious tale of a blind dog and a dead chicken on Blue Dog Farm.

Chicken Mortality – A Video Blog Post

Sometimes typing is a pain in the butt. This is one of those times…and now you can watch the story of a chicken, a squirrel, ...
Spring and dandelions

Dandelions: Beautiful Bubbles or Bain of Existence?

The dandelions have littered the lawn of late. But guess what? We were resourceful here at Blue Dog Farm. We didn’t blast them with chemicals. ...
RIP-Gracie-The Blue Dog

Gracie…Blue Dog c.2005-2020

Gracie was a Romanian Root Hound. She actually came from Romania where she was owned by an eccentric old man named Dr. Acula. Ok… that’s ...
Give the gift of an eGift Card from Blue Dog Farm!

Gift Card Giving!

Did you wait too long to get your shopping done? Thought you weren’t buying gifts but then that hottie in the mail room caught your ...
Earthy Orange Beard Balm from Blue DOg Farm

Big Beard or Little Beard, Have no Fear!

Smell that? It's coming from that bearded guy over there! He's wearing our new beard balm.
Pan-seared Chicken with a Red Pepper Sauce from Blue Dog Farm

Pan-Seared Chicken Thighs in a Red Pepper Sauce

Tasty seared Chicken Thighs with a slightly zingy red pepper sauce makes for a hearty meal.
Reason Beer's Perpetual Bloom IPA is now a soap from Blue Dog Farm.

Oh, sure there is shower beer…

Reason Beer's Perpetual Bloom IPA is now a soap from Blue Dog Farm. Say what?
Holiday season and holiday soaps

‘Tis that Season

We are slinging soaps for Santa.

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