My Covid Diary: March 23, 2020

Dear Covid Diary,

I keep wondering if I ever experienced anything like this Covid-19 thing in a previous life. It seems eerily familiar.

Thinking about it, I do remember a few past lives. I think. 

In the 1940s I was a Nazi but only because I was into fashion. In this life, I have always loved the UPS Drivers’ outfits.

In the 1890s I used to cut hair. There were three of us and we sang. It always felt like it was missing something. 

I had a powdered doughnut biz in the 1700s but everyone was going Keto. So I tossed the powder on their wigs and quit. 

Around the year 33, I was a wood craftsman and could put together simple wood structures. Met this guy Jesus one afternoon just hanging around. I told him he was in great shape. He said he did Cross Fit. 

Spiritually yours,

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