My Covid Diary: March 4, 2021

Dear Covid Diary,

Things are looking brighter. It seem like live music might be a thing again after a year of none.

Unfortunately, my night vision has gotten worse and driving home from shows will be perilous for me.

Some suggested I just call an Uber. The problem with that is that I live far out in the country. Ain’t no Uber out in these parts, boy.

Thus, today I am creating Guuber.

The concept, on paper, is simple. If you need a ride in rural America, you just go out on your porch and yell “Sooey!”

In a few minutes, a rickety pick-up tuck will pull up and a John Deere Hat-wearing scraggly man will roll down his window and ask “Y’all called?”

Simply, hop in the bed of the pick-up, don’t mess with the gun rack or the Trump stickers, and he will take you somewhere.

Where? Well, that kink needs to be worked out still. It’s referred to as the ”Ned Beatty Clause.”



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