AI Trump eaats at a diner

A Trumpian Gyro

Oh it’s more AI fun as I type in the prompt: Donald Trump skips his trial and instead goes to a Greek diner. And then choose the following keywords: gyro, Nick, Pete, George, hot butter, shirt stain. electric chair, oregano, feta, Lady Gaga,Mark Meadows, Stormy Daniels. spanakopita, one-eyed duck, Aaron Rodgers.

In a shocking twist of events, Donald Trump decides to forgo his trial and embark on a culinary adventure at a Greek diner. With the aroma of sizzling gyros and the promise of delicious spanakopita, it’s hard to blame him for his unusual choice.

At the diner, Trump is greeted by Nick, Pete, and George − three hardworking servers with an impressive talent for multitasking. While they juggle plates piled high with hot butter-soaked goodies, they can’t help but notice Trump’s signature shirt stain. Unfazed by this peculiar sight, they direct him to a cozy booth conveniently located next to an electric chair-shaped decoration.

As he peruses the menu, his eyes light up at the mention of oregano-infused dishes sprinkled generously with tangy feta cheese. In true Trump fashion, however, he can’t resist requesting a special addition: “Can we add some extra ‘covfefe’ spice?”

Surrounded by Lady Gaga tunes blaring from an old jukebox and Mark Meadows scribbling furiously in the corner booth, Trump quickly forgets his legal woes. He engages in animated conversations with Stormy Daniels about duck-related scandals – particularly their one-eyed duck conspiracy theories.

While savoring every delicious bite of his gyro and spanakopita combo (a personal recommendation from Aaron Rodgers), Trump finds solace amidst the chaotic charm of this Greek oasis. Who needs trials when you can indulge in flaky pastries and engage in lively debates about ducks?

In a world full of trials and tribulations, sometimes all you need is a gyro and spanakopita combo to find solace. And when that combo comes personally recommended by Aaron Rodgers, well, it’s practically a touchdown for your taste buds.

But it’s not just the mouthwatering food that makes this Greek oasis so charming. It’s the chaotic charm that surrounds you as you savor every delicious bite. You can engage in lively debates about ducks while flaky pastries melt in your mouth – who needs trials when you have these savory delights?

So next time life throws you a curveball, forget about the courtroom dramas and indulge in the simpler pleasures of life. Grab yourself a gyro, gather some friends, and let the discussions about ducks soar as high as the flavors of Greece. Because sometimes, finding solace is as easy as finding the perfect combination of food and lively conversation.

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