RIP-Gracie-The Blue Dog

Gracie…Blue Dog c.2005-2020

Gracie was a Romanian Root Hound. She actually came from Romania where she was owned by an eccentric old man named Dr. Acula.

Ok… that’s a lie. She was a mutt… but it’s so trendy to have some poofy made up breed like SharpaShitzu or Snickerdoodle… or ParisHilton… so we did it too.

She was NOT a rescue. We did not climb down an embankment and dive into a roaring river to save her from a washed-away log. We got her at The Used Dog Store… also known as  The Pound. She was a used dog. Someone didn’t want her.

We did.

Sometimes the sun would hit her shiny black coat just right and she looked a bit blue.

Yeah, we know there is a famous Blue Dog from the world of art but.. this is OUR Blue Dog.

As the other animals arrived on the farm, she taught them Social Distancing. For a little thing, she had a good growl and a nip. She was ahead of her time.

After a bout with an enlarged heart and fluid retention, Gracie passed gently on April 13, 2020.

In a fitting tribute that afternoon, Brian played Celtic dirges on the spoons. Trouble the Pig read from the Torah (She likes the views on pigs found there.). Remmi the Wonder Dog ran into a tree. Karie was appalled that Vinny the Cat took a nap.

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