Gracie is a Romanian Root Hound. She actually came from Romania where she was owned by an eccentric old man named Dr. Acula.

Ok… that’s a lie. She is a mutt… but it’s so trendy to have some poofy made up breed like SharpaShitzu or Snickerdoodle… or ParisHilton… so we did it too.

She is NOT a rescue. We did not climb down an embankment and dive into a roaring river to save her from a washed-away log. We got her at The Used Dog Store… also known as a the Pound. She is a used dog. Someone didn’t want her.

We did.

Sometimes the sun hits her shiny black coat just right and she looks a bit blue.

Yeah, we know there is a famous Blue Dog from the world of art but.. this is OUR Blue Dog.

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