My Covid Diary: April 24, 2021

Dear Covid Diary:

Man, do I hate Sri Lankans!

Well, at least in my dreams. Does that still make me Xenophobic? It was in a dream.

Last night, I dreamt that I was going to work on my part of a community garden. When I got there I noticed all my tomato support sticks were missing, yet all the nearby gardens suddenly had them.

I began to loudly ask anyone who might know where my sticks were to please, kindly return them.

People were aghast and one set of gardeners stormed off.

Finally, gardeners from behind me brought over my sticks and threw them on the ground and walked away.

The other folks said “Don’t worry. They’re Sri Lankans. They don’t even speak English.”

“Ahh” I chuckled. “They are probably saying mean things about my white eggplants and we don’t even know.”

I know. I know. My dream wasn’t very woke. When I awoke, I pondered it’s wokeness but felt I couldn’t blame my dream. It was raised that way.

Besides, I have to find those Ukrainians who stormed off after being falsely accused. I bet Hunter Biden knows where they are.

Sleepily on edge,


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