Sing a New Song

I got an issue stuck in my head. Why are people from Holland/The Netherlands called “Dutch?”

Shouldn’t they be called “Nethers” or Hollandaise?”

Maybe split between the two…go Dutch, ya know?

So, since I have been futzing with AI, I posed the question to Rytr… but I asked it to answer me with a song .

Here’s what I got:

(Verse 1)

In the land of tulips and windmills standing tall,

They’ve got canals and cheese, oh it’s a wonderland for all,

But there’s something quite peculiar, it’s got me so perplexed,

Why aren’t the Dutch called Hollandaise or Nethers, let’s dig into the text!


Oh the Dutch, they’re so unique,

Living in Holland, but they’re not called that cheek to cheek,

From Amsterdam to Rotterdam, they’ve got so much charm,

But why they’re not called Hollandaise or Nethers just adds to their charm!

(Verse 2)

Hollandaise sauce is creamy, silky smooth and fine,

Just like the Dutch people, always friendly and kind,

And Nethers sounds like a name for these folks so cool,

But they prefer to be called Dutch, it’s their golden rule!


Oh the Dutch, they’re one of a kind,

Living in Holland, but their name is quite a bind,

From The Hague to Utrecht, they’ve got history and flair,

Even though they’re not called Hollandaise or Nethers, they’ve got style to spare!


Maybe it’s because the country itself is more than Holland alone,

With other provinces like Friesland and Overijssel that have grown,

So instead of a sauce or a nickname, they chose Dutch to be their own,

Either way, they’re fantastic people, that much is known!


Oh the Dutch, with their vibrant culture and zest,

Living in Holland, they truly are the best,

From Eindhoven to Groningen, their spirit can’t be tamed,

So let’s raise a toast to the Dutch, even if their name isn’t what we initially claimed!


So here’s a tribute to this land and its glorious inhabitants,

Hollandaise or Nethers, we’ll leave it to semantics,

But one thing’s for sure, the Dutch are amazing through and through,

Living in the Netherlands, they make the world a better view!

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