My Covid Diary: April 5, 2020

Dear Covid Diary,

Skin is weird. We all have it. Do you? Maybe you have moleskin. I hear people with journals say that. I think it’s a Hipster thing. They ruin everything, including moles.

Anyway, I got looking at my skin today. Mostly, because the other day, I cut mine… on a Meat Thermometer.

I bumped it and it popped point up. Fortunately, I grazed the sharply sharp end and wasn’t IMPALED! with STIGMATA! type precision.

Just a cut. It’s healing now. Which led my brain into its skin thoughts.

It’s amazing that skin heals itself by regrowing. Then it knows to stop growing. Or does it?

What if it is always growing? What if I now have skin on top of my skin on top of my skin?

I’m not fat. I’m just skin-layered.

Always growing,


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