Books by Brian Gerard (B.G.) Lewandowski

Not Bukowski

Not Bukowski

What is Not Bukowski?

It’s a…book of verses and stuff.

You know. Off beat poems and stories based on the ramblings and comedy of Brian Gerard (Lewandowski).

Read Otter Boy online!

Otter boy

“Why not write a novel?” They asked.

Brian goes it one better. He writes a novel very slowly. It’s been 3 years and it’s still going…

See a bit online.


Slop and swill from a festering mind

Early 2000s glee play from B.G. Lewandowski who seems to change his name with each book.

Hub Hub-Bub

Hub hub-bub

Brian make pretty photos & tasty titles.

A book of high quality, unique photos taken in and around Boston, Cambridge, and environs.

W the book

W the book

An alphabet book of sorts, written during the last bad Presidency.