My Covid Diary: August 24, 2020

Dear Covid Diary:

I ventured out yesterday, a Sunday, for some Socially-Distant Tasty Dining (STD)… and when I got to my destination, they told me they were still serving Brunch…at 2PM!

I hate brunch. Not because I don’t like breakfast food but why is breakfast allowed to shit all over lunch? Stay in your own time slot. 

If you want to drink during breakfast, do it. Three shots of vodka and some Cheerios. That works, ya freakin’ alkie.

Pretty soon there will be Brinner. Brought to you by the people who say “I could eat breakfast anytime of the day.”

Well, ya know what?

I could eat lunch any time of the day.

In fact, tomorrow, I am going to have soup and half of a sandwich at 7:30 AM. 

Long live Lunkfast!

Grumbling grumbellying,


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