All hail the Chihuahua

Señor, it is all a lie.

Everything about religion is a lie. The Bible is a lie. How do I know?

One simple word:


You see, when Noah received his orders for loading up his ark, God supposedly told the man in (Genesis 6:19) that he needed to:

…bring two of every living creature into the ark–male and female–to keep them alive with you.

And that is how I know it’s all a big, stinking fallacy.

There is no way Noah could have brought Chihuahuas, and yet here they are today.

Chihuahuas are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. However, if they were on Noah’s Big Boat, he would have tossed them overboard. Or had Chihuahua Chimichangas.

The Chihuahuas would have barked at every other animal, nipped at the pigs, growled at the elephants, and whined when the hamsters were fed.

Noah wouldn’t have dealt with that shit. Noah was 600 years-old. I’m 57 and I already tell kids to get off my lawn.

While you may think I am an atheist, I am actually a Chihuahuaist. Thank dog.

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