Gracie…Blue Dog c.2005-2020

Gracie…Blue Dog c.2005-2020

Gracie was a Romanian Root Hound. She actually came from Romania where she was owned by an eccentric old man named Dr. Acula.

Ok… that’s a lie. She was a mutt… but it’s so trendy to have some poofy made up breed like SharpaShitzu or Snickerdoodle… or ParisHilton… so we did it too.

She was NOT a rescue. We did not climb down an embankment and dive into a roaring river to save her from a washed-away log. We got her at The Used Dog Store… also known as  The Pound. She was a used dog. Someone didn’t want her.

We did.

Sometimes the sun would hit her shiny black coat just right and she looked a bit blue.

Yeah, we know there is a famous Blue Dog from the world of art but.. this is OUR Blue Dog.

As the other animals arrived on the farm, she taught them Social Distancing. For a little thing, she had a good growl and a nip. She was ahead of her time.

After a bout with an enlarged heart and fluid retention, Gracie passed gently on April 13, 2020.

In a fitting tribute that afternoon, Brian played Celtic dirges on the spoons. Trouble the Pig read from the Torah (She likes the views on pigs found there.). Remmi the Wonder Dog ran into a tree. Karie was appalled that Vinny the Cat took a nap.

Vinny van Meow

Vinny van Meow

Vinny arrived as a surprise. We had no idea that the stork was upon us and…

Oh wait, that’s not right. Karie brought Vinny home from the Vet one day.

Brian said “But you don’t like cats.”

Karie replied “But I like this one…. and you have always wanted a cat.”

Brian said “No. I said I have always wanted a laser pointer.”

Now Brian has both and Vinny has a home.

Vinny is missing part of his ear. Hence, the name.

Vinny likes to make hairball gagging sounds and reading English Literature.

Trouble McFussbucket

Trouble McFussbucket

Trouble (full name: Trouble McFussbucket) is a Juliana pig born in March of 2019. She came to the farm at a mere 3 lbs, only three weeks after her birth as her Mom’s milk had dried up.

She now clocks in at 28 lbs. She likes to eat….everything.

They say she should only be 60 lbs as an adult. Uh oh.

She likes to pee on carpets. The farm no longer has carpets.

Trouble also believes that the Big Bad Wolf was framed.

Señor Hector “Queso” Suarez, D.D.S.

Señor Hector “Queso” Suarez, D.D.S.

Señor Hector “Queso” Suarez, D.D.S. arrived at Blue Dog Farm on December 1, 2020 and immediately peed on the rug and hid under the bed. He is the perfect dog for 2020.

Since, Queso has gotten a bit more social and has no fear of Trouble the Piggy, meanly growling and yapping at Her Girthiness.

So far we have not stepped on this chihuahua…but I am sure we will.

Remmi…The Blind Dog

Remmi…The Blind Dog

Remmi is a Wonder Dog. She is a blind puppy and often wonders where she is.

She came to us via a local group who got her from a pack of puppies in Texas. Her siblings were blind also. I guess their Mama was nothing to look at… wait for it… ahh, now you get it.

When Remmi isn’t running into things she is playing and frolicking with her best friend Trouble. Vinny the Cat on the other hand/paw does not like Remmi because he always gets stepped on or tripped over.